Amana Family Tree

A history of the people who came and built the Amana Colonies, their descendants and future generations.

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Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baumgartner, Bonnie Sue  18 May 1958Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I807 Amana Tree 
2 Dickel, D.R.   I2770 Amana Tree 
3 Dickel, D.A.   I2768 Amana Tree 
4 Ehrman, W.L.   I7720 Amana Tree 
5 Eichhorn, C.W.   I1627 Amana Tree 
6 Hahn, L.C.   I6771 Amana Tree 
7 Herr, C.S.   I6767 Amana Tree 
8 Langlas, Donald Conrad  25 Nov 1920Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6868 Amana Tree 
9 Martens, D.   I6765 Amana Tree 
10 Misel, D.J.   I5289 Amana Tree 
11 Schneekloth, P.J.   I2797 Amana Tree 
12 Seifert, R.A.   I5354 Amana Tree 
13 Seifert, T.M.   I5393 Amana Tree 
14 Sherman, L.D.   I1031 Amana Tree 
15 yyyBrown, William Elden  19 Jun 1873Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7484 Amana Tree 
16 yyyConn, M.B.   I7719 Amana Tree 
17 yyyEichhorn, H.C.   I7712 Amana Tree 
18 yyyFritz, D.S.   I7717 Amana Tree 
19 yyyFurlong, J.W.   I7721 Amana Tree 
20 yyyFurlong, J.L.   I7711 Amana Tree 
21 yyyFurlong, L.W.   I7708 Amana Tree 
22 yyyLiddle, Nettie Mary  Abt 1871Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7243 Amana Tree 
23 yyyMcKnight, B.L.   I7859 Amana Tree 
24 yyySchoenfelder, Harold Eugene  20 Aug 1925Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7718 Amana Tree 
25 yyySchoenfelder, Walter August  11 Dec 1908Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7703 Amana Tree 
26 Zopf, Friedrich  18 Oct 1881Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7690 Amana Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albert, William Henry  12 Oct 2004Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I83 Amana Tree 
2 Bahndorf, Herbert Carl  27 Oct 1980Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I673 Amana Tree 
3 Bendorf, Lina Ernestine  25 Sep 1992Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I518 Amana Tree 
4 Berger, Adolph Theobald  23 Jan 1996Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I614 Amana Tree 
5 Buergy, Carl  2 Nov 1961Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I577 Amana Tree 
6 Bürgy, Hans Heinrich  29 May 1918Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I197 Amana Tree 
7 Bürgy, Marie  19 May 1917Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5566 Amana Tree 
8 Dittrich, Willie Friedrich  11 Aug 1983Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2616 Amana Tree 
9 Ehrle, Linda Emma  14 Nov 2003Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I1444 Amana Tree 
10 Ehrman, Harriet  16 Aug 1987Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I1504 Amana Tree 
11 Fiser, Cledythe A  12 Nov 1982Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6374 Amana Tree 
12 Fritsche, Marie  13 Jun 1971Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I949 Amana Tree 
13 Geiger, Bertha Caroline  4 Jul 1987Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5266 Amana Tree 
14 Geiger, Georg Adam  27 Apr 1941Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I1370 Amana Tree 
15 Geiger, Johannes Jacob  18 May 1911Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5565 Amana Tree 
16 Geiger, Margarethe  22 Mar 1919Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I198 Amana Tree 
17 Graesser, Elmer Paul  17 Jan 2003Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5348 Amana Tree 
18 Grässer, Helene Pauline  5 Jun 1992Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2202 Amana Tree 
19 Griess, Frieda Carolina  4 May 1992Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5190 Amana Tree 
20 Haas, Elise Wilhelmine  4 Feb 1999Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2603 Amana Tree 
21 Heinrichs, Wilhelm Otto  11 Apr 1966Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4223 Amana Tree 
22 Heinze, Elise Louise  28 Sep 1994Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I663 Amana Tree 
23 Heinze, Dr Friedrich Wilhelm  13 Sep 1990Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6007 Amana Tree 
24 Herrmann, Mary  28 Feb 1977Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4293 Amana Tree 
25 Hertel, Heinrich Emil  3 Jun 2011Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I665 Amana Tree 
26 Hertel, Marie  12 May 1987Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5830 Amana Tree 
27 Hess, Louis Friedrich  9 Nov 1967Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5870 Amana Tree 
28 Hofer, Catharina  13 Oct 1987Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4717 Amana Tree 
29 Höning, Heinrich  13 Oct 1935Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4430 Amana Tree 
30 Jaeger, Margaretha  14 Jan 1887Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2771 Amana Tree 
31 Janssen, Dawson Gilbert  22 Feb 2000Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2715 Amana Tree 
32 Keller, Karolina Wilhelmina  24 Oct 1966Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5993 Amana Tree 
33 Keller, Martha  29 Aug 1938Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6109 Amana Tree 
34 Keller, Susanna  Sep 1874Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5699 Amana Tree 
35 Klappich, Gottlieb  19 Dec 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5684 Amana Tree 
36 Klappich, Louise  Aft 1863Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I3893 Amana Tree 
37 Kröber, Emma Ida  7 Jan 1946Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5790 Amana Tree 
38 Leichsenring, Clara  12 Jul 1961Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5204 Amana Tree 
39 Leichsenring, Clara  13 Jan 1992Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4790 Amana Tree 
40 Leichsenring, Herbert  16 Aug 1999Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5239 Amana Tree 
41 Leichsenring, Johanna  6 Aug 1986Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5082 Amana Tree 
42 Melsha, Dorothy Mae  19 May 2001Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5211 Amana Tree 
43 Miller, Arthur Henry  14 Apr 2002Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I1450 Amana Tree 
44 Miller, Elisabeth Caroline  14 Oct 1987Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I503 Amana Tree 
45 Miller, G.L.   I6915 Amana Tree 
46 Mouchka, Mabel M  23 Feb 2003Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6553 Amana Tree 
47 Müller, George Carl  9 Jan 1997Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I3351 Amana Tree 
48 Müller, Johann Peter  19 Aug 1958Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4589 Amana Tree 
49 Neumann, Lina  23 Oct 1921Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6977 Amana Tree 
50 Neumann, Marie Rosa  6 May 1995Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I558 Amana Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smith, Edna  Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I1848 Amana Tree 
2 Solbrig, Esther Minnie  Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I3760 Amana Tree 
3 yyyWalker, John Charles  13 Jul 1932Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7633 Amana Tree 

Left Community

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Left Community    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jaeger, Margaretha  Abt Oct 1875Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2771 Amana Tree 
2 Keller, Martha  Jan 1911Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6109 Amana Tree 
3 Specht, Carl Julius  Abt Oct 1875Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2750 Amana Tree 
4 Specht, Carl Julius  Abt Oct 1875Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2848 Amana Tree 
5 Specht, Maria Magdalena  Abt Oct 1875Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2772 Amana Tree 
6 Specht, Maria Susanna  Abt Oct 1875Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I3980 Amana Tree 
7 Specht, Philipp  3 Jan 1923Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2752 Amana Tree 

Listed in Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Listed in Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kröber, Emma Ida  1 Jun 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5790 Amana Tree 
2 Kröber, Hermann  1 Jun 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5786 Amana Tree 
3 Nagel, Wilhelmina Caroline  1 Jun 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5787 Amana Tree 
4 yyyRieck, S.M.J.   I7894 Amana Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Heinze, Dr Friedrich Wilhelm  Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I6007 Amana Tree 
2 Mantz, Marcella Elizabeth  Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5505 Amana Tree 
3 yyyRieck, S.M.J.   I7894 Amana Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Keller, Susanna  Bef 1874Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5699 Amana Tree 
2 Klappich, Gottlieb  1879Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I5684 Amana Tree 
3 Klappich, Louise  Aft 1864Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I3893 Amana Tree 
4 Müller, Johann Peter  Bef 19 Aug 1958Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I4589 Amana Tree 
5 Schröder, Johann Georg Jr.  Bef 1912Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I2455 Amana Tree 
6 yyyGetlin, Alberdina  Bef 26 Mar 1971Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA I7476 Amana Tree 

School Graduation

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    School Graduation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Misel, B.E.   I6334 Amana Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Albert / Gerard   F36 Amana Tree 
2 Albrecht / Murbach  22 Oct 1889Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F18 Amana Tree 
3 Anderson / Bahndorf  19 Feb 1941Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F41 Amana Tree 
4 Barthel / Leichsenring  5 Jun 1890Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F145 Amana Tree 
5 Bayer / Borz  27 Mar 1860Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F68 Amana Tree 
6 Berger / Huff   F235 Amana Tree 
7 Bitzer / Weißbrod  4 Sep 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F97 Amana Tree 
8 Bretschneider / Seifert  14 Mar 1916Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F202 Amana Tree 
9 Bryson / Dietrich   F318 Amana Tree 
10 Bürgin / Deuchler  23 Nov 1870Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F82 Amana Tree 
11 Bürgy / Leichsenring  12 Oct 1914Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F2279 Amana Tree 
12 Christen / Buhl  22 Mar 1915Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F247 Amana Tree 
13 Christen / Römmig  26 Mar 1890Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1477 Amana Tree 
14 Clemens / Görler  21 Apr 1888Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1415 Amana Tree 
15 Ehrle / Eichacker  5 Oct 1896Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F533 Amana Tree 
16 Ehrle / Pügner   13 Oct 1938Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F911 Amana Tree 
17 Eichhorn / Ehrmann  8 Mar 1923Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F641 Amana Tree 
18 Fels / Bernhart  14 Jul 1887Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F101 Amana Tree 
19 Fritz / Liebold  13 Oct 1898Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F805 Amana Tree 
20 Furman / Egglestone   F2139 Amana Tree 
21 Geiger / Ehrmann  20 Jul 1899Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F548 Amana Tree 
22 Gerner / Wittig   F1159 Amana Tree 
23 Glück / Feil  19 Feb 1872Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1770 Amana Tree 
24 Griess / Meyer  23 May 1870Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1569 Amana Tree 
25 Gunzenhauser / Pfisterer  2 Feb 1921Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F926 Amana Tree 
26 Hauser / Lippmann  5 Apr 1880Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1661 Amana Tree 
27 Hawkes / Roggentine   F748 Amana Tree 
28 Heinz / Leichsenring  3 Dec 1912Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1825 Amana Tree 
29 Herring / Zuber   F458 Amana Tree 
30 Hess / Solbrig  10 Sep 1912Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1219 Amana Tree 
31 Hetz / Meyer  25 May 1891Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1649 Amana Tree 
32 Hinrichs / Solbrig   F1866 Amana Tree 
33 Höhnle / Römmig  29 Mar 1892Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1407 Amana Tree 
34 Hoppe / Sponer  8 Oct 1925Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F2196 Amana Tree 
35 Jeck / Mantz  1949Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1944 Amana Tree 
36 Jung / Pfisterer  11 Mar 1915Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1855 Amana Tree 
37 Jung / Wittig  5 Aug 1913Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1938 Amana Tree 
38 Kretzschmar / Reiter  19 Oct 1874Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1581 Amana Tree 
39 Leichsenring / Oehler  29 Apr 1919Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F151 Amana Tree 
40 Leichsenring / Sommer  11 Jul 1892Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1106 Amana Tree 
41 Liebold / Heintz  9 Nov 1897Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1739 Amana Tree 
42 Maerz / yyyWeitsman   F2597 Amana Tree 
43 Mehlhorn / Otto  15 May 1894Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1226 Amana Tree 
44 Meier / Stolz  2 Oct 1895Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F1087 Amana Tree 
45 Metz / Albert  15 Jun 1957Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F33 Amana Tree 
46 Müller / Bortz  7 Mar 1916Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F2415 Amana Tree 
47 Neumann / Bahndorf   F272 Amana Tree 
48 Oehler / Bretschneider  22 Apr 1919Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F208 Amana Tree 
49 Pestel / Rieger  17 Mar 1881Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F789 Amana Tree 
50 Pfeffer / Rossmann  24 Jun 1890Marengo, Ct Iowa, Iowa, USA F683 Amana Tree 

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