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201 "Auszehrung" consumption. Date of death seems to be incorrect in S0009. S0011, S0016 and S1000 put the date on 18 Apr 1876. Bender, Johann Georg (I218)
202 "Became ailing in later years and died of dropsy." (dropsy = edema) Pitz, Charlotte (I1520)
203 "Blatternkrankheit" = smallpox Bahndorf, Heinrich (I564)
204 "Came with his parents to South Amana in April 1857, and there, in the presence of his parents, during a thunderstorm, was struck by a bolt of lightning and instantly killed. It was around 6 am. They had arisen and were getting ready for morning prayer services. The father had seated himself at the table and opened the book. The mother was seated next to her bed and Jacob leaning against his. The lightening bolt struck him as he was putting on his vest; it threw him backwards into the bed. His mother fell benumbed from her chair to the floor. Her husband dashed over, shook her and lifted her up, and she immediately regained consciousness. As he tried the same with his son, there was no sign on life; no reaction whatsoever to other attempts either. It was useless, he was and remained dead. This was the first instance of death by a stroke of lightening in the Community although there had been strikes of lightening into houses, but the Lord had been graciously protective. May He keep His protective fatherly hand over us and graciously avoid such and similar incidents of shock and sorrow." Source S0015 Schnezler, Jacob (I1241)
205 "Chronic Bright's disease" (chronic nephritis) for 6 mos. Contributory-Dropsey Abendroth, Karl Friedrich (I30)
206 "Died in Chicago Co. Hospital, had fallen downstairs a week earlier and sustained two skull fractures." (S0015) Seifert, Alfred (I3343)
207 "Died in West Amana from an illness of five years duration; his blood had turned purulent. Four years earlier an arm had to be removed, and so he lay there as a helpless cripple until death released him form his sad state on 14 May 1881." (S0015) Staude, Herman Richard (I2847)
208 "Died of consumption...37 years old, leaving 3 children behind." Oesterle, Adam (I2660)
209 "Died...of consumption from which he had suffered and was bedridden for more than half a year" (tuberculosis). Prestele, Franz Joseph Martin (I1707)
210 "Engbrüstigkeit" = narrow chest, could be asthma. Bopp, Johann Heinrich (I290)
211 "Frieselkrankheit", measles Hascher, Wilhelmine (I128)
212 "Gallenfieber", typhoid fever. Koch Register offers this information: "She died from a gall-bladder infection with which she suffered less than a week, and exactly on her 27th birthday, to the deep sorrow of all..." Geiger, Elisabeth (I219)
213 "He became deathly sick with hemorrhages and was brought to High Amana in Dec, 1866, by his brother, Joseph, who had gone after him. Here he died amidst his family..."  Otzenberger, Johann (I2633)
214 "He died 21 Aug 1893 in an accident while working in the Warehouse in Homestead, helping with the packing, when he fell off an elevator and fractured his skull. It was a great shock to the Community and brought on a deep sorrow. He was a good and loyal support in every aspect and universally beloved. It was a great loss." (S0015) Wüst, Peter (I1960)
215 "He died in Middle Amana 13 April 1874, having suffered from shortness of breath for many years and now a high fever hastened his death." Dickel, Johannes (I2282)
216 "He died there [High Amana] of colic accompanied with fever from which he suffered terrible pains for two weeks resulting in sudden death..." Pitz, Jakob Friedrich (I1522)
217 "He died...after being blind the last 10 years of his life. This was a trying time for him. Still, he could willingly give in to God's will. He left behind a good and blessed memorial."  Pansa, Johann David (I1257)
218 "He had always been sickly...he had become ill with the flu which brought on the end."  Prestele, Gottlieb (I1631)
219 "He had suffered for some time from a throat condition which brought him to bed and led to his death. After only 8 days he died, composed, with many brethren at his bedside, anxiously and sorrowfully awaiting his death which occurred in Amana Thursday morning before 7 o'clock 18 Dec 1873." Döller, Christian (I1573)
220 "He had suffered from congestion since the preceding winter, often had to remain at home, and finally succumbed. He had long ago loosened all earthly ties and actually welcomed death. He was patient and stoic in his pain and suffering. As he had been for many years, even to the very last, he was concerned with God's work." (S0015) Gasser, Benedikt (I1547)
221 "He was a believing brother and a loyal father to his children." (S0015) Werner, Johann Gottlieb (I1970)
222 "He was fatally hurt when he fell from a great height in a hickory nut tree while gathering nuts and died the next day 12 Oct 1873 in Middle A." (S0015) Wünsch, Rudolf (I2003)
223 "He was single, always a little weak but still worked as much as he was able, a loyal and believing member. His health deteriorated steadily until he died in West Amana." (S0015) Werner, David Friedrich (I1783)
224 "He wasted away with a lengthy illness.." Deuchler, Jacob Michael (I1698)
225 "In the fall of 1889 he began to suffer from emphysema from which he died" Pletscher, Jakob (I1521)
226 "In the records of Middle Amana the above (Wilhelm Setzer) is given a birth date of 26 October 1854. This discrepancy was revealed in the reorganization process of 1932. Since no complete record of Ebenezer members is available, Br. Aug. F. Koch wrote to Buffalo, NY, the county seat of Erie Co., but without success, since their records go back only as far as 1878. So it must be assumed that the initial entry, 20 October 1853, is the date of birth." (S0015) Setzer, Wilhelm (I2708)
227 "In the winter of 1889-90 he was down with influenza plus a nerve fever from which he never fully recovered. He suffered from the same conditions the following winter, becoming more weak and frail, barely eating anything and died on 14 May 1891." (S0015) Schuhmacher, Philipp (I2815)
228 "Jaundice", which can mean pancreatic or liver cancer. Brougier, Jean Philippe (I370)
229 "Lay seriously ill with edema from which she finally died." Bender, Elisabeth (I1878)
230 "Memoir of Dr. Christian Heinrich Herrmann, Sr." Herrmann, Georg Heinrich (I6588)
231 "Not very healthy since his marriage, he died of pneumonia after much suffering." (S0015) Wiswässer, Georg (I1812)
232 "On 11 Oct 1927, towards evening, he was hit by a train near Homestead and injured so badly that he died the next day." (S0015) Wolf, Emil (I2026)
233 "She became ill in all her limbs, suffered for over five years with it and towards the end was bed ridden and totally helpless."(S0015) Mennig, Sophie (I2382)
234 "She died a short time after their departure from the Community." Hegewald, Ernstine Wihelmine (I2732)
235 "She gradually became frail and sickly and finally bed ridden. She wanted to arise one time while alone, fell and hurt herself badly. She became weaker, a fever was added, and in eight days she died" (S0015) Haberle, Margaretha (I2464)
236 "She gradually came to deep realization and solid foundation, and after a brief illness, and after having experienced much, also from her children, passed on into eternity as a firmly believing soul." (S0015) Sternberger, Sophie (I2326)
237 "She had become childlike in her late years and died after a short illness, in East Amana in the night of 13 July 1878." (S0015) She probably died of a stroke. Sommer, Anna Catharina (I2693)
238 "She left her marriage against His holy will which is why the Lord took her so soon. (See Testimony and song of 14 July 1864--Collection 39, 10 July)" Trautmann, Louise (I1559)
239 "She was often sick..." Oehl, Maria Eva (I2696)
240 "She was the mother of 7 children when she died in East A. 22 January 1895, only 48 years old, after only less than a week's illness with the grippe. A great shock for the family as the 2 oldest daughters are married and live outside the Community and the youngest daughter, 16 years old, is blind." (S0015)  Vötisch, Wilhelmina Ernstina (I2139)
241 "Since the death of his wife, he lived alone with his second-youngest daughter, Pauline. This daughter became deathly sick the summer of 1893. The thought that his caretaker would leave him hurt him very much as he would gladly have died before she did. But it so happened that he became suddenly ill with pneumonia and died 3 days later 24 October 1893." (S0015) Werner, Karl (I915)
242 "Soon after the birth of her second child she became ill with a painful illness which turned into consumption." Pfisterer, Elisabeth (I263)
243 "Suffered with congestion, later became bed-ridden and died..." [Koch Register] Geiger, Friedrich Sr. (I4252)
244 "Through bad influenza and several light strokes, she was so weakened and lamed in mind and body that, for several years she endured a miserable existence..." Rüdy, Elisabeth (I4132)
245 "When she had matured, she began ailing with nervous condition, pining away and suffering for several years until she finally died." (S0015) Schneider, Wilhelmina (I2785)
246 "While trying to cut the tail of a 2-year-old filly he was struck in the lower abdomen so severely that he was sorely injured. Medical help was called for immediately but he was beyond help and died the next day in great pain, 12 Nov 1879." (S0015) Wolf, Julius (I1928)
247 "Zuckerruhr" = diabetes mellitus Weißbrod, Katharina (I176)
248 'Oster Busch', near East Amana, referred to an area where Society members were sometimes exiled for varying periods of time for such offenses as out of wedlock children. Hauser, Anna Emilie (I5780)
249 'Peischburg in Baiern' is given as her place of birth. We were unable to locate this place.  Lacher, Barbara (I1828)
250 1, Row 6 and Plot 11. Elzer, Johannes (I1268)

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